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Workshops and Facilitation

Improving our clients’ performance

Group settings provide the best opportunity to identify the alignment around vision, leadership and strategy and to set the course for  advances in all three.

Our customized workshops, retreats and seminars can range from  one-half day to three days or more, and can be delivered either on site  or off site. We offer imaginative indoor and outdoor activities that  support the themes and goals of a program.

Facilitation Expertise

Gary Cook has facilitated a broad range of large and small meetings,  workshops and retreats over twenty-five years of executive leadership  and consulting experience.

He has facilitated sessions of 10 to 500 people, with objectives as  diverse as conflict resolution, focus group outcomes, team building,  motivation, leadership development, negotiation skill development,  recruitment, marketing and sales management, and resolution of political issues. He has had broad experience in facilitating resolution of  issues across organizational lines, and in contexts where money, the  sharing of power and responsibility and time criticality were all  factors. Judging by the consistent comments he has received over time,  his strengths are in:

  • Clearly defining objectives
  • Making people comfortable and building trust in the process, while  modeling the honesty required in developing trusting relationships
  • Ensuring participation and eventual ownership by all attendees
  • Showing flexibility in management and facilitation style, as needed to best achieve agreed upon objectives
  • Understanding and utilizing a wide variety of business, industry and cultural perspectives
  • Ensuring material progress is made against objectives
  • Helping to sustain post-meeting momentum, where appropriate

Client Testimonials

Extraordinarily creative, time sensitive and cost effective.
Governance Manager, Information Technology group

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Consilience Leadership

Consilient thinking, which draws on other disciplines for lessons,  examples, validation, and imagery, helps leaders bring a wider  perspective and create more value from those inflection points where  much of business and personal life happens.
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