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Training Design and Delivery

An organization that develops its human capital creates a  distinct competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. Cook &  Company can assist you in putting together an overall learning strategy, and/or developing a highly focused training program.

Training Needs Assessment

A training needs assessment often precedes training design to  identify and then prioritize those critical competencies (skills,  knowledge, behaviors) most directly linked to the attainment of business or departmental goals. The assessment process also identifies current  competency levels and recommends various training and learning  strategies to bridge the gap.

Training Program Design and Development

Custom-designed training is tailored to the specific industry  environment, workplace culture and learning needs of the client  organization. The Cook & Company team often partners with the client to create learning modules that reflect actual current, organization-specific business issues and challenges facing the company. Whether it is a half-day module, a weeklong off-site, or a Corporate  University curriculum, we incorporate a range of learning tools and  experiences to reach all types of learners.

Training Delivery

We can deliver the training through our corps of trainers and  facilitators or train your trainers as you develop an in-house  capability for future training.

Overall Learning Strategy

Training is usually just one part of an overall learning strategy.  There can be many internal as well as external components of such a  strategy-such as coaching, mentoring, partnering, learning contracts,  attending seminars, etc. Self-assessment tools, measurement of progress, feedback and the incorporation into the performance management process  of support and reward for learning (both individual and team) can be  important components of a successful learning strategy.

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Extraordinarily creative, time sensitive and cost effective.
Governance Manager, Information Technology group

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Consilience Leadership

Consilient thinking, which draws on other disciplines for lessons,  examples, validation, and imagery, helps leaders bring a wider  perspective and create more value from those inflection points where  much of business and personal life happens.
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