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Gary M. Cook

Gary Cook is a Managing Director of Cook & Company. He is an  executive coach, senior consultant, and leader with over twenty-five  years of experience in a broad range of large and small private and  public enterprises. He is a pioneer in using innovative technologies to  create change and improvement.

His coaching practice provides coaching and executive development  assistance to a wide variety of senior leaders in the areas of  manufacturing, operations, education, scientific research, project  management, information management, start-up management and  biotechnology. The basis of his approach is the use of a trademarked  process, Coaching at the Inflection PointΒ®, which utilizes the  uncertainty of key career-influencing events to improve critical  behaviors for the benefit of the individual and the organization.

Until September 1997, he was the President and majority owner of  Themis Education Services, one of the leading instructor-led training  providers to mainframe information professionals at Fortune 100  companies in the Northeast. Since its inception, he has also been a  Director and Chairman of various Board committees of the Education  Credit Management Corporation, a non-profit, U.S. Department of  Education-chartered Company that has created over one billion dollars in value for U.S. taxpayers since 1989. Gary has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver, teaching honors courses on how to use  strategy, leadership, and organizational culture to manage organizations for improved ethical and regulatory performance.

Previously, he has been a Director and/or CEO of organizations  ranging in size from $150 million in sales to $15 billion in assets. He  has held executive positions in companies in the high technology,  agricultural chemical, energy, mineral exploration, process engineering, finance, education, training and consulting fields.

Gary has provided coaching, executive development, and management  advice in an even wider range of sectors, including defense, education  and training, biotechnology, finance, insurance, manufacturing. He has  been a Deputy Assistant Secretary of two U.S. Executive Branch  Departments, the U.S. Representative to the OECD Industry Committee in  Paris, the alternate U.S. Delegate to the International Labor  Organization in Geneva, an Executive Assistant to a U.S. Cabinet  Secretary, Member of a State Board of Corrections, and owner of his own  successful businesses.

From 1967 through 1970, Gary was a management consultant with  McKinsey and Company in New York City, where he specialized in strategic planning, organization, and cost reduction efforts for multi-national  clients.

Gary has testified before Congress and written widely on subjects  ranging from the management of U.S. trade policy to organizational  effectiveness and ethical performance in organizations to the impact of  neuroscience and complexity theory on leadership.

Gary graduated from Wesleyan University with Honors in Economics in  1964 and from the Harvard University Law School in 1967. He is a member  of The Council on Foreign Relations and Chairman of Vineyard  Enterprises, LLC.

Book, Articles & Monographs

“How ”Rational” are our Choices for New Directors”€ Directors & Boards. 2nd Quarter 2014.

“Applying Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in a Constrained Business Setting,”€ AI Practioner. February 2012.

Consilience Leadership®, 2011, Inflection Point Press. Get the book

“Creating Ethical Performance in Organizations: The Role of Strategy, Leadership, and Culture“ In 1999 Proceedings, International  Association of Business and Society Annual Meeting. Paris, France, 1999.

“Creating Competitive Advantage From Improved Ethical Performance.”€  In Conference Proceedings, National Conference on Ethics in America.  Long Beach, California. March 1996.

“Managing the Stakeholder Relations Disaster: Seven Managerial Steps  to Overcoming an Ethical and/or Regulatory Nightmare”€ (unpublished  monograph), 1995.

“Seven Steps to Regulatory and Ethical Compliance.” In Conference  Proceedings, National Conference on Ethics in America. Long Beach,  California, February 1995.

“Converting Latin American Debt to Equity,”€ Denver Post. November 21, 1984.

“Improving U.S. Policy-Making in International Trade,”€ with Robert Williamson, Columbia Journal of World Business. Spring, 1979.

“Growth Industries of the Next Decade,” Practitioner’s Notes, American Industrial Development Council. October 1973.

General Editor, 1971 to 1973, and while Director of the Bureau of  Competitive Assessment, U.S. Department of Commerce, of over fifteen  periodicals, including Industry Outlook (yearly); Construction Review (quarterly); Chemicals (quarterly); as well as numerous special publications, e.g., Franchising in the Economy.

Congressional testimony: While director of Bureau of Competitive  Assessment, to various committees of U.S. House of Representatives, on  budget matters, competitiveness, export controls on various products.  1970-1973.

“Inflation and Growth: The Brazilian Experience, 1950-1960.” Senior Thesis (unpublished). Wesleyan University, 1964.

Over one hundred speeches to local, regional, and national workshops, conferences, business and social groups and industry organizations, as  well as numerous television interviews, on topics including  organizational integrity and regulatory performance, the macro economic  outlook, the outlook for individual industries, assessment of the  competitiveness of U.S. industrial performance and the factors affecting it, and corrections and reform.

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