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Ethical and Regulatory Compliance

Good ethics policy is good business

Especially in today’s world, a leader must be able to create and sustain an organization that exceeds regulatory compliance standards,  yet typically must meet a multiple-stakeholder definition of acceptable ethical and financial performance. To assist in improving ethical and regulatory performance, we offer the following services.

Crisis Management

With extensive experience in containing damage, handling media, and negotiating settlements with federal, state, and local regulatory authorities, we are well positioned to help solve immediate crises involving failures in regulatory compliance and breaches in corporate integrity.

Developing Crisis Management Skills

Cook & Company can assist organizations develop their own crisis management capability, by building teams of internal and external expertise in the areas of law, investigation, public relations, management, and training. Our work in the past has saved tens of millions of dollars in potential fines, significant embarrassment, and lost customer confidence.

Building “Early Warning” Systems to Detect Potential Issues

We can help design and implement a business process that uses the “weak signal” approach of Highly Reliable Organizations to identify potential issues and deal with them before they turn into crises.

This approach builds on a combination of analytical approaches to  assessing ”near misses” and seemingly random events, with an  institutional appreciation of intuition. The object is to rapidly sort  through data to identify trends, patterns, and even the absence of  certain ”tells” that help understand how an organization’s susceptibility to crisis is unfolding.

Building Corporate Integrity and Improving Regulatory Compliance Performance

Obviously, the preferred approach to dealing with breaches in these areas is to prevent them from happening at all. Cook & Company has assisted enterprises from $1 million in sales to $9 billion in asset value create such preventative-based cultures.

The cornerstone of our approach involves two critical concepts. First, wherever possible, we attempt to create a competitive advantage from a proactive approach to improved ethical and regulatory performance. Second, involve the three critical organizational levers of leadership, strategy, and culture in the equation. Without all three, most such efforts are doomed to eventual failure.

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